Jennifer - Thriving in wild unpredictable life

Our Vision

I am a life coach and blogger helping people pursue their passion
so they can live their God-given design.

My husband of 24 years and I are raising our three sons in beautiful North Idaho. Together we have struggled with infertility, suffered the loss of a baby by miscarriage, navigated the agony of infidelity, experienced a crisis of faith that shook us to the core and lost dear friends to tragic deaths.

I intentionally cultivate heart, mind, and body endurance because I battle clinical depression, obesity, and anxiety. Doing triathlons, riding ocean waves, laughing hard, singing loud, drinking great coffee, walking in the sunshine and being in the mountains help meLIVE COURAGEOUS

Discovering your purpose and pursuing your passion requires courageous living. Contact me today to grab a hold of your future and join me living courageous!

Imagine a life full of hope. You wake up in the morning feeling the anticipation of the future, the joy of pursuing your passion and living your

God-given design. 

It really is possible.